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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

In the far-fetched occasion that WebTimes Technologies can't deliver your order as concur and inside the mentioned time-frame, you'll get your cash back - each penny of it.

Kindly set aside the effort to pursue this refund policy in full, to guarantee you comprehend your privileges and qualifications as a WebTimes Technologies customer. After getting to the WebTimes Technologies site or utilizing any of the items or services we give, you consent to agree with all terms, conditions and arrangements illustrated in this record.

Contact the WebTimes Technologies customer support team whenever in the event that you require explanation, or have any inquiries or concerns in regards to our overall agreements.

Refunds (if eligible)

WebTimes Technologies backs each deal with a consoling unconditional promise, which applies only in products where we can't or reluctant to satisfy customers' orders totally and inside the predefined time span.

At the time you submit your request, WebTimes Technologies will give a progression of confirmations with respect to the subtleties of the items/services requested, a time span for their conveyance and the all out value payable. On the off chance that we neglect to cling to any of these affirmations, the customer is qualified for apply for a refund.

If it's not too much trouble, note that our refund policy doesn't make a difference in any occasions where WebTimes Technologies effectively conveys the items or services mentioned by the customer as concurred and on schedule. In the event that the customer just adjusts their perspective anytime during the conveyance cycle, they won't be qualified for a full or fractional refund under any conditions.

All assistance abrogation solicitations or adjustment demands should be gotten inside 12 hours of the first request being set.

If it's not too much trouble, counsel our refund policy for more data.

Execution Disclaimer

The customer recognizes that the WebTimes Technologies refund policy applies solely in occurrences where we neglect to convey the mentioned items and services in full and on schedule. By no means can or will WebTimes Technologies make any confirmations at all with respect to the exhibition or impacts of the items and services we give.

In the field of digital marketing, it is incomprehensible and accordingly reckless to ensure the positive exhibition (or something else) of any digital items or services. Thus, we acknowledge no liability or obligation for any resulting outcomes or execution that might happen because of the utilization of the items and services WebTimes Technologies gives.

Our administration confirmation and refund policy solely cover the opportune conveyance of our digital items and services - not the result of your digital mission.

Contact WebTimes Technologies

For more data or to talk about any part of this refund policy in more detail, contact an individual from the customer support team at WebTimes Technologies whenever.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly note that in the event that you wish to cancel an order, your request should be gotten within 12 hours of your order being set with WebTimes Technologies.

WebTimes Technologies is focused on the total certainty and fulfillment of each customer. Additionally, we comprehend that you might require a brief period subsequent to submitting your request to think about changes, options and modifications.

This is the reason we're pleased to cover each deal with a consoling 12-hour 'elegance period' during which revisions, changes and scratch-offs can be made whenever at no expense at all. On the off chance that you decide not to feel free to wish to drop your request altogether, WebTimes Technologies will furnish you with a full refund of the first price tag.

If it's not too much trouble, note, in any case, endless supply of conveyance of your request after this 12-hour time frame, you can presently don't guarantee a refund. Because of the idea of the digital items and services we give, orders can't be stopped or turned around whenever they have been started.

For more data on our retraction policy or to talk about your request in more detail, reach out to the WebTimes Technologies customer support team whenever.

Ensuing Refund Requests

Our cancellation policy applies only to refund demands and administration correction demands got no later than 12 hours in the wake of getting affirmation of your request. Nonetheless, WebTimes Technologies might consider refund and administration adjustment demands after this 12-hour beauty period totally at our own circumspection and in outstanding conditions.

Furthermore, the 12-hour constraint doesn't make a difference in cases where WebTimes Technologies can't satisfy its commitments to convey the items and services mentioned by the customer as guaranteed.

On the off chance that you have not gotten the items or services mentioned inside the designated time-frame and might want to talk about a refund, contact our customer support team for more data.